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Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Eleven Burial Masses - Cradle Of FilthEleven Burial Masses  (Album)2007

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Godspeed On The DevilGodspeed On The Devil's Thunder  (Album)2008

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa - Cradle Of FilthDarkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa  (Album)2010

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Evermore Darkly - Cradle Of FilthEvermore Darkly  (Album)2011

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Midnight In The Labyrinth - Cradle Of FilthMidnight In The Labyrinth  (Album)2012

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)The Manticore And Other Horrors - Cradle Of FilthThe Manticore And Other Horrors  (Album)2012

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Total Fucking Darkness - Cradle Of FilthTotal Fucking Darkness  (Album)2014

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Hammer Of The Witches - Cradle Of FilthHammer Of The Witches  (Album)2015

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay - Cradle Of FilthCryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay  (Album)2017

Mira Craig  (Discographie)Mira Mira - Mira CraigMira Mira  (Album)2006

Mira Craig  (Discographie)Tribal Dreams - Mira CraigTribal Dreams  (Album)2007

Born Crain  (Discographie)Pleasure Of Your Company - Born CrainPleasure Of Your Company  (Album)2008

Born Crain  (Discographie)Anatomy - Born CrainAnatomy  (Album)2010

Cranberries  (Discographie)Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why CanEverybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?  (Album)1993

Cranberries  (Discographie)No Need To Argue - CranberriesNo Need To Argue  (Album)1994

Cranberries  (Discographie)To The Faithful Departed - CranberriesTo The Faithful Departed  (Album)1996

Cranberries  (Discographie)Bury The Hatchet - CranberriesBury The Hatchet  (Album)1999

Cranberries  (Discographie)Wake Up And Smell The Coffee - CranberriesWake Up And Smell The Coffee  (Album)2001

Cranberries  (Discographie)Stars - The Best Of 1992 - 2002 - CranberriesStars - The Best Of 1992 - 2002  (Album)2002

Cranberries  (Discographie)Roses - CranberriesRoses  (Album)2012

Cranberries  (Discographie)Something Else - CranberriesSomething Else  (Album)2017

Crash Test Dummies  (Discographie)The Ghosts That Haunt Me - Crash Test DummiesThe Ghosts That Haunt Me  (Album)1991

Crash Test Dummies  (Discographie)God Shuffled His Feet - Crash Test DummiesGod Shuffled His Feet  (Album)1993

Crash Test Dummies  (Discographie)A WormA Worm's Life  (Album)1996

Crash Test Dummies  (Discographie)Give Yourself A Hand - Crash Test DummiesGive Yourself A Hand  (Album)1999

Crash Test Dummies  (Discographie)I DonI Don't Care That You Don't Mind  (Album)2001

Crash Test Dummies  (Discographie)Jingle All The Way - Crash Test DummiesJingle All The Way  (Album)2002

Crash Test Dummies  (Discographie)PussPuss'n' Boots  (Album)2003

Crash Test Dummies  (Discographie)Songs Of The Unforgiven - Crash Test DummiesSongs Of The Unforgiven  (Album)2004

Crash Test Dummies  (Discographie)The Best Of Crash Test Dummies - Crash Test DummiesThe Best Of Crash Test Dummies  (Album)2007

Crash Test Dummies  (Discographie)Oooh La La! - Crash Test DummiesOooh La La!  (Album)2010

Crashdiet  (Discographie)Rest In Sleaze - CrashdietRest In Sleaze  (Album)2005

Crashdiet  (Discographie)The Unattractive Revolution - CrashdietThe Unattractive Revolution  (Album)2007

Crashdiet  (Discographie)Generation Wild - CrashdietGeneration Wild  (Album)2010

Crashdiet  (Discographie)The Savage Playground - CrashdietThe Savage Playground  (Album)2013

Beverley Craven  (Discographie)Beverley Craven - Beverley CravenBeverley Craven  (Album)1990

Beverley Craven  (Discographie)Love Scenes - Beverley CravenLove Scenes  (Album)1993

Beverley Craven  (Discographie)Mixed Emotions - Beverley CravenMixed Emotions  (Album)1999

Beverley Craven  (Discographie)The Very Best Of Beverley Craven - Beverley CravenThe Very Best Of Beverley Craven  (Album)2004

Beverley Craven  (Discographie)Change Of Heart - Beverley CravenChange Of Heart  (Album)2014

Randy Crawford  (Discographie)Everything Must Change - Randy CrawfordEverything Must Change  (Album)1976

Randy Crawford  (Discographie)Miss Randy Crawford - Randy CrawfordMiss Randy Crawford  (Album)1977

Randy Crawford  (Discographie)Raw Silk - Randy CrawfordRaw Silk  (Album)1979

Randy Crawford  (Discographie)Now We May Begin - Randy CrawfordNow We May Begin  (Album)1980

Randy Crawford  (Discographie)Secret Combination - Randy CrawfordSecret Combination  (Album)1981

Randy Crawford  (Discographie)Windsong - Randy CrawfordWindsong  (Album)1982

Randy Crawford  (Discographie)Nightline - Randy CrawfordNightline  (Album)1983

Randy Crawford  (Discographie)Abstract Emotions - Randy CrawfordAbstract Emotions  (Album)1986

Randy Crawford  (Discographie)The Love Songs - Randy CrawfordThe Love Songs  (Album)1987

Randy Crawford  (Discographie)Rich And Poor - Randy CrawfordRich And Poor  (Album)1989


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