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Matt Costa  (Discographie)Songs We Sing - Matt CostaSongs We Sing  (Album)2005

Matt Costa  (Discographie)Unfamiliar Faces - Matt CostaUnfamiliar Faces  (Album)2008

Nikka Costa  (Discographie)Prowhoa - Nikka CostaProwhoa  (Album)2010

Costello Show + the Confederates + the Attractions  (Discographie)King Of America - Costello Show + the Confederates + the AttractionsKing Of America  (Album)1986

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)My Aim Is True - Elvis CostelloMy Aim Is True  (Album)1977

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)This YearThis Year's Model  (Album)1978

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)Spike - Elvis CostelloSpike  (Album)1989

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)Mighty Like A Rose - Elvis CostelloMighty Like A Rose  (Album)1991

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)Brutal Youth - Elvis CostelloBrutal Youth  (Album)1994

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)Kojak Variety - Elvis CostelloKojak Variety  (Album)1995

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)Extreme Honey - Elvis CostelloExtreme Honey  (Album)1997

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)The Very Best Of Elvis Costello - Elvis CostelloThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello  (Album)1999

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)North - Elvis CostelloNorth  (Album)2003

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)Il Sogno - Elvis CostelloIl Sogno  (Album)2004

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)My Flame Burns Blue - Elvis CostelloMy Flame Burns Blue  (Album)2006

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)Secret, Profane And Sugarcane - Elvis CostelloSecret, Profane And Sugarcane  (Album)2009

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)Live At Hollywood High - Elvis CostelloLive At Hollywood High  (Album)2010

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)Pomp And Pout - Elvis CostelloPomp And Pout  (Album)2010

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)National Ransom - Elvis CostelloNational Ransom  (Album)2010

Elvis Costello  (Discographie)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album - Elvis CostelloUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album  (Album)2015

Elvis Costello + Allen Toussaint  (Discographie)The River In Reverse - {Elvis Costello} + Allen ToussaintThe River In Reverse  (Album)2006

Elvis Costello + Anne Sofie von Otter  (Discographie)For The Stars - {Elvis Costello} + Anne Sofie von OtterFor The Stars  (Album)2001

Elvis Costello + Bill Frisell  (Discographie)Deep Dead Blue - {Elvis Costello} + {Bill Frisell}Deep Dead Blue  (Album)1995

Elvis Costello + Bill Frisell  (Discographie)The Sweetest Punch - {Elvis Costello} + {Bill Frisell}The Sweetest Punch  (Album)1999

Elvis Costello + Burt Bacharach  (Discographie)Painted From Memory - {Elvis Costello} + Burt BacharachPainted From Memory  (Album)1998

Elvis Costello + Marian McPartland  (Discographie)Piano Jazz - {Elvis Costello} + Marian McPartlandPiano Jazz  (Album)2005

Elvis Costello + Richard Harvey  (Discographie)G.B.H. (Soundtrack) - {Elvis Costello} + Richard HarveyG.B.H. (Soundtrack)  (Album)1991

Elvis Costello + Richard Harvey  (Discographie)JakeJake's Progress (Soundtrack)  (Album)1995

Elvis Costello + Roots  (Discographie)Wise Up Ghost - {Elvis Costello} + {Roots}Wise Up Ghost  (Album)2013

Elvis Costello + the Attractions  (Discographie)Armed Forces - {Elvis Costello} + the AttractionsArmed Forces  (Album)1979

Elvis Costello + the Attractions  (Discographie)Get Happy!! - {Elvis Costello} + the AttractionsGet Happy!!  (Album)1980

Elvis Costello + the Attractions  (Discographie)Trust - {Elvis Costello} + the AttractionsTrust  (Album)1981

Elvis Costello + the Attractions  (Discographie)Almost Blue - {Elvis Costello} + the AttractionsAlmost Blue  (Album)1981

Elvis Costello + the Attractions  (Discographie)Imperial Bedroom - {Elvis Costello} + the AttractionsImperial Bedroom  (Album)1982

Elvis Costello + the Attractions  (Discographie)Punch The Clock - {Elvis Costello} + the AttractionsPunch The Clock  (Album)1983

Elvis Costello + the Attractions  (Discographie)Goodbye Cruel World - {Elvis Costello} + the AttractionsGoodbye Cruel World  (Album)1984

Elvis Costello + the Attractions  (Discographie)Blood And Chocolate - {Elvis Costello} + the AttractionsBlood And Chocolate  (Album)1986

Elvis Costello + the Attractions  (Discographie)Live At The El Mocambo - {Elvis Costello} + the AttractionsLive At The El Mocambo  (Album)1993

Elvis Costello + the Attractions  (Discographie)All This Useless Beauty - {Elvis Costello} + the AttractionsAll This Useless Beauty  (Album)1996

Elvis Costello + the Brodsky Quartet  (Discographie)The Juliet Letters - {Elvis Costello} + the Brodsky QuartetThe Juliet Letters  (Album)1993

Elvis Costello + the Imposters  (Discographie)When I Was Cruel - {Elvis Costello} + the ImpostersWhen I Was Cruel  (Album)2002

Elvis Costello + the Imposters  (Discographie)Cruel Smile - {Elvis Costello} + the ImpostersCruel Smile  (Album)2002

Elvis Costello + the Imposters  (Discographie)The Delivery Man - {Elvis Costello} + the ImpostersThe Delivery Man  (Album)2004

Elvis Costello + the Imposters  (Discographie)Momofuku - {Elvis Costello} + the ImpostersMomofuku  (Album)2008

Elvis Costello + the Imposters  (Discographie)Look Now - {Elvis Costello} + the ImpostersLook Now  (Album)2018

Elvis Costello + the Impostors  (Discographie)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook - {Elvis Costello} + the ImpostorsThe Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook  (Album)2011

Kevin Costner  (Discographie)Untold Truths - Kevin CostnerUntold Truths  (Album)2008

Kevin Costner + Modern West  (Discographie)Turn It On - {Kevin Costner} + Modern WestTurn It On  (Album)2010

Kevin Costner + Modern West  (Discographie)From Where I Stand - {Kevin Costner} + Modern WestFrom Where I Stand  (Album)2011

Jerome Cotta  (Discographie)LL'arbre et le fruit  (Album)1999


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