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Court Yard Hounds  (Discographie)Court Yard Hounds - Court Yard HoundsCourt Yard Hounds  (Album)2010

Court Yard Hounds  (Discographie)Amelita - Court Yard HoundsAmelita  (Album)2013

Courteeners  (Discographie)St. Jude - CourteenersSt. Jude  (Album)2008

Courteeners  (Discographie)Falcon - CourteenersFalcon  (Album)2010

Courteeners  (Discographie)Anna - CourteenersAnna  (Album)2013

Courteeners  (Discographie)Concrete Love - CourteenersConcrete Love  (Album)2014

Covenant  (Discographie)Dreams Of A Cryotank - CovenantDreams Of A Cryotank  (Album)1994

Covenant  (Discographie)Sequencer - CovenantSequencer  (Album)1996

Covenant  (Discographie)Europa - CovenantEuropa  (Album)1998

Covenant  (Discographie)United States Of Mind - CovenantUnited States Of Mind  (Album)2000

Covenant  (Discographie)Synergy - CovenantSynergy  (Album)2000

Covenant  (Discographie)Northern Light - CovenantNorthern Light  (Album)2002

Covenant  (Discographie)Skyshaper - CovenantSkyshaper  (Album)2006

Covenant  (Discographie)Modern Ruin - CovenantModern Ruin  (Album)2011

Covenant  (Discographie)Leaving Babylon - CovenantLeaving Babylon  (Album)2013

Covenant  (Discographie)The Blinding Dark - CovenantThe Blinding Dark  (Album)2016

Coverdale Page  (Discographie)Coverdale Page - Coverdale PageCoverdale Page  (Album)1993

David Coverdale  (Discographie)White Snake - David CoverdaleWhite Snake  (Album)1976

David Coverdale  (Discographie)Northwinds - David CoverdaleNorthwinds  (Album)1978

David Coverdale  (Discographie)Into The Light - David CoverdaleInto The Light  (Album)2000

David Coverdale + Whitesnake  (Discographie)Restless Heart - {David Coverdale} + {Whitesnake}Restless Heart  (Album)1997

Graham Coxon  (Discographie)The Sky Is Too High - Graham CoxonThe Sky Is Too High  (Album)1998

Graham Coxon  (Discographie)The Golden D - Graham CoxonThe Golden D  (Album)2000

Graham Coxon  (Discographie)Crow Sit On Blood Tree - Graham CoxonCrow Sit On Blood Tree  (Album)2001

Graham Coxon  (Discographie)The Kiss Of Morning - Graham CoxonThe Kiss Of Morning  (Album)2002

Graham Coxon  (Discographie)Happiness In Magazines - Graham CoxonHappiness In Magazines  (Album)2004

Graham Coxon  (Discographie)Love Travels At Illegal Speeds - Graham CoxonLove Travels At Illegal Speeds  (Album)2006

Graham Coxon  (Discographie)The Spinning Top - Graham CoxonThe Spinning Top  (Album)2009

Graham Coxon  (Discographie)A And E - Graham CoxonA And E  (Album)2012

Cr7z  (Discographie)Sieben Weltmeere - Cr7zSieben Weltmeere  (Album)2015

Cr7z  (Discographie)Ult7ma - Cr7zUlt7ma  (Album)2017

Cr7z + Snowgoons  (Discographie)Newline (EP) - {Cr7z} + {Snowgoons}Newline (EP)  (Album)2018

Crackaveli  (Discographie)L.O.S. - CrackaveliL.O.S.  (Album)2016

Sarah Cracknell  (Discographie)Red Kite - Sarah CracknellRed Kite  (Album)2015

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh - Cradle Of FilthThe Principle Of Evil Made Flesh  (Album)1994

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Dusk... And Her Embrace - Cradle Of FilthDusk... And Her Embrace  (Album)1996

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Cruelty And The Beast - Cradle Of FilthCruelty And The Beast  (Album)1998

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Midian - Cradle Of FilthMidian  (Album)2000

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Bitter Suites To Succubi - Cradle Of FilthBitter Suites To Succubi  (Album)2001

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Damnation And A Day - Cradle Of FilthDamnation And A Day  (Album)2003

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Nymphetamine - Cradle Of FilthNymphetamine  (Album)2004

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Thornography - Cradle Of FilthThornography  (Album)2006

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Eleven Burial Masses - Cradle Of FilthEleven Burial Masses  (Album)2007

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Godspeed On The DevilGodspeed On The Devil's Thunder  (Album)2008

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa - Cradle Of FilthDarkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa  (Album)2010

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Evermore Darkly - Cradle Of FilthEvermore Darkly  (Album)2011

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Midnight In The Labyrinth - Cradle Of FilthMidnight In The Labyrinth  (Album)2012

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)The Manticore And Other Horrors - Cradle Of FilthThe Manticore And Other Horrors  (Album)2012

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Total Fucking Darkness - Cradle Of FilthTotal Fucking Darkness  (Album)2014

Cradle Of Filth  (Discographie)Hammer Of The Witches - Cradle Of FilthHammer Of The Witches  (Album)2015


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