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Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Top Pops - Nat Top Pops  (Album)1952

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Sings For Two In Love - Nat Sings For Two In Love  (Album)1953

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Unforgettable - Nat Unforgettable  (Album)1954

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)10th Anniversary - Nat 10th Anniversary  (Album)1955

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)The Piano Style Of Nat King Cole - Nat The Piano Style Of Nat King Cole  (Album)1955

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)After Midnight - Nat After Midnight  (Album)1956

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Ballads Of The Day - Nat Ballads Of The Day  (Album)1956

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)This Is Nat King Cole - Nat This Is Nat King Cole  (Album)1957

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Just One Of Those Things - Nat Just One Of Those Things  (Album)1957

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Love Is The Thing - Nat Love Is The Thing  (Album)1957

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Cole Espanol - Nat Cole Espanol  (Album)1958

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)St. Louis Blues - Nat St. Louis Blues  (Album)1958

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)The Very Thought Of You - Nat The Very Thought Of You  (Album)1958

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Every Time I Feel The Spirit - Nat Every Time I Feel The Spirit  (Album)1959

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Welcome To The Club - Nat Welcome To The Club  (Album)1959

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)A mis amigos - Nat A mis amigos  (Album)1959

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)To Whom It May Concern - Nat To Whom It May Concern  (Album)1959

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Tell Me All About Yourself - Nat Tell Me All About Yourself  (Album)1960

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Wild Is Love - Nat Wild Is Love  (Album)1960

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)The Magic Of Christmas - Nat The Magic Of Christmas  (Album)1960

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Nat King Cole Sings, George Shearing Plays - Nat Nat King Cole Sings, George Shearing Plays  (Album)1961

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)The Touch Of Your Lips - Nat The Touch Of Your Lips  (Album)1961

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)LetLet's Face The Music!  (Album)1962

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)RamblinRamblin' Rose  (Album)1962

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Dear Lonely Hearts - Nat Dear Lonely Hearts  (Album)1962

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)More Cole Espanol - Nat More Cole Espanol  (Album)1962

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer - Nat Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer  (Album)1963

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Where Did Everyone Go? - Nat Where Did Everyone Go?  (Album)1963

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Sings My Fair Lady - Nat Sings My Fair Lady  (Album)1964

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)I DonI Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore  (Album)1964

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)L-O-V-E - Nat L-O-V-E  (Album)1965

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Nat King Cole Sings His Songs From Cat Ballou And Other Motion Pictures - Nat Nat King Cole Sings His Songs From Cat Ballou And Other Motion Pictures  (Album)1965

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Nature Boy - Nat Nature Boy  (Album)1965

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Looking Back - Nat Looking Back  (Album)1965

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)The Unforgettable Nat Cole Sings The Great Songs - Nat The Unforgettable Nat Cole Sings The Great Songs  (Album)1966

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Sincerely - Nat Sincerely  (Album)1967

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Thank You, Pretty Baby - Nat Thank You, Pretty Baby  (Album)1967

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Night Lights - Nat Night Lights  (Album)2001

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Re: Generations - Nat Re: Generations  (Album)2009

Nat King Cole  (Discographie)The Essentials - Nat King ColeThe Essentials  (Album)2008

Natalie Cole  (Discographie)Inseparable - Natalie ColeInseparable  (Album)1975

Natalie Cole  (Discographie)Natalie - Natalie ColeNatalie  (Album)1976

Natalie Cole  (Discographie)Unpredictable - Natalie ColeUnpredictable  (Album)1977

Natalie Cole  (Discographie)Thankful - Natalie ColeThankful  (Album)1977

Natalie Cole  (Discographie)Natalie... Live! - Natalie ColeNatalie... Live!  (Album)1978

Natalie Cole  (Discographie)I Love You So - Natalie ColeI Love You So  (Album)1979

Natalie Cole  (Discographie)DonDon't Look Back  (Album)1980

Natalie Cole  (Discographie)Happy Love - Natalie ColeHappy Love  (Album)1981

Natalie Cole  (Discographie)II'm Ready  (Album)1983

Natalie Cole  (Discographie)Dangerous - Natalie ColeDangerous  (Album)1985


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