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Brandi Carlile  (Discographie)Give Up The Ghost - Brandi CarlileGive Up The Ghost  (Album)2009

Brandi Carlile  (Discographie)Live At Benaroya Hall With The Seattle Symphony - Brandi CarlileLive At Benaroya Hall With The Seattle Symphony  (Album)2011

Brandi Carlile  (Discographie)Bear Creek - Brandi CarlileBear Creek  (Album)2012

Brandi Carlile  (Discographie)The FirewatcherThe Firewatcher's Daughter  (Album)2015

Brandi Carlile  (Discographie)By The Way, I Forgive You - Brandi CarlileBy The Way, I Forgive You  (Album)2018

Belinda Carlisle  (Discographie)Belinda - Belinda CarlisleBelinda  (Album)1986

Belinda Carlisle  (Discographie)Heaven On Earth - Belinda CarlisleHeaven On Earth  (Album)1987

Belinda Carlisle  (Discographie)Runaway Horses - Belinda CarlisleRunaway Horses  (Album)1989

Belinda Carlisle  (Discographie)Live Your Life Be Free - Belinda CarlisleLive Your Life Be Free  (Album)1991

Belinda Carlisle  (Discographie)The Best Of Belinda - Volume 1 - Belinda CarlisleThe Best Of Belinda - Volume 1  (Album)1992

Belinda Carlisle  (Discographie)Real - Belinda CarlisleReal  (Album)1993

Belinda Carlisle  (Discographie)A Woman And A Man - Belinda CarlisleA Woman And A Man  (Album)1996

Belinda Carlisle  (Discographie)A Place On Earth - The Greatest Hits - Belinda CarlisleA Place On Earth - The Greatest Hits  (Album)1999

Belinda Carlisle  (Discographie)Voila - Belinda CarlisleVoila  (Album)2007

Belinda Carlisle  (Discographie)Wilder Shores - Belinda CarlisleWilder Shores  (Album)2017

Carl Carlton  (Discographie)Lights Out In Wonderland - Carl CarltonLights Out In Wonderland  (Album)2014

Carl Carlton  (Discographie)Woodstock And Wonderland Live - Carl CarltonWoodstock And Wonderland Live  (Album)2017

Carl Carlton + the Songdogs  (Discographie)Revolution Avenue - {Carl Carlton} + the SongdogsRevolution Avenue  (Album)2001

Carl Carlton + the Songdogs  (Discographie)Love And Respect - {Carl Carlton} + the SongdogsLove And Respect  (Album)2003

Carl Carlton + the Songdogs  (Discographie)CaHoots And Roots - Live From Planet Zod - {Carl Carlton} + the SongdogsCaHoots And Roots - Live From Planet Zod  (Album)2004

Carl Carlton + the Songdogs  (Discographie)Songs For The Lost And Brave - {Carl Carlton} + the SongdogsSongs For The Lost And Brave  (Album)2008

Carl Carlton + the Songdogs  (Discographie)Livelong Guarantee - {Carl Carlton} + the SongdogsLivelong Guarantee  (Album)2013

Vanessa Carlton  (Discographie)Be Not Nobody - Vanessa CarltonBe Not Nobody  (Album)2002

Vanessa Carlton  (Discographie)Harmonium - Vanessa CarltonHarmonium  (Album)2004

Vanessa Carlton  (Discographie)Heroes And Thieves - Vanessa CarltonHeroes And Thieves  (Album)2007

Vanessa Carlton  (Discographie)Rabbits On The Run - Vanessa CarltonRabbits On The Run  (Album)2011

Carminho  (Discographie)Alma - CarminhoAlma  (Album)2012

Carminho  (Discographie)Canto - CarminhoCanto  (Album)2014

Loyle Carner  (Discographie)YesterdayYesterday's Gone  (Album)2017

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)Rest On Me - Kim CarnesRest On Me  (Album)1971

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)Kim Carnes - Kim CarnesKim Carnes  (Album)1975

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)SailinSailin'  (Album)1976

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)St. VincentSt. Vincent's Court  (Album)1979

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)Romance Dance - Kim CarnesRomance Dance  (Album)1980

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)Mistaken Identity - Kim CarnesMistaken Identity  (Album)1981

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)Voyeur - Kim CarnesVoyeur  (Album)1982

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)Cafe Racers - Kim CarnesCafe Racers  (Album)1983

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)Barking At Airplanes - Kim CarnesBarking At Airplanes  (Album)1985

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)Lighthouse - Kim CarnesLighthouse  (Album)1986

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)View From The House - Kim CarnesView From The House  (Album)1988

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)CheckinCheckin' Out The Ghosts  (Album)1991

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)Gypsy Honeymoon - The Best Of Kim Carnes - Kim CarnesGypsy Honeymoon - The Best Of Kim Carnes  (Album)1993

Kim Carnes  (Discographie)ChasinChasin' Wild Trains  (Album)2004

Carnifex  (Discographie)Die Without Hope - CarnifexDie Without Hope  (Album)2014

Carnifex  (Discographie)Slow Death - CarnifexSlow Death  (Album)2016

Caro  (Discographie)Das allererste Mal - CaroDas allererste Mal  (Album)2014

Carolina Chocolate Drops  (Discographie)Dona Got A RamblinDona Got A Ramblin' Mind  (Album)2005

Carolina Chocolate Drops  (Discographie)Heritage - Carolina Chocolate DropsHeritage  (Album)2007

Carolina Chocolate Drops  (Discographie)Genuine Negro Jig - Carolina Chocolate DropsGenuine Negro Jig  (Album)2010

Carolina Chocolate Drops  (Discographie)Leaving Eden - Carolina Chocolate DropsLeaving Eden  (Album)2012


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