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Cattle Decapitation  (Discographie)Monolith Of Inhumanity - Cattle DecapitationMonolith Of Inhumanity  (Album)2012

Cattle Decapitation  (Discographie)The Anthropocene Extinction - Cattle DecapitationThe Anthropocene Extinction  (Album)2015

Caught In The Act  (Discographie)Back For Love - Caught In The ActBack For Love  (Album)2016

Causes  (Discographie)Under Bridges That You Built For Me - CausesUnder Bridges That You Built For Me  (Album)2016

Cavalera Conspiracy  (Discographie)Inflikted - Cavalera ConspiracyInflikted  (Album)2008

Cavalera Conspiracy  (Discographie)Blunt Force Trauma - Cavalera ConspiracyBlunt Force Trauma  (Album)2011

Cavalera Conspiracy  (Discographie)Pandemonium - Cavalera ConspiracyPandemonium  (Album)2014

Cavalera Conspiracy  (Discographie)Psychosis - Cavalera ConspiracyPsychosis  (Album)2017

Daniel Cavanagh  (Discographie)Monochrome - Daniel CavanaghMonochrome  (Album)2017

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)From Her To Eternity  - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsFrom Her To Eternity   (Album)1984

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)The Firstborn Is Dead  - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsThe Firstborn Is Dead   (Album)1985

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Kicking Against The Pricks  - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsKicking Against The Pricks   (Album)1986

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Your Funeral, My Trial  - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsYour Funeral, My Trial   (Album)1986

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Tender Prey  - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsTender Prey   (Album)1988

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)The Good Son  - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsThe Good Son   (Album)1990

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)HenryHenry's Dream   (Album)1992

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Live Seeds - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsLive Seeds  (Album)1993

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Let Love In - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsLet Love In  (Album)1994

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Murder Ballads - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsMurder Ballads  (Album)1996

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)The BoatmanThe Boatman's Call  (Album)1997

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)The Best Of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds  - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsThe Best Of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds   (Album)1998

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)No More Shall We Part - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsNo More Shall We Part  (Album)2001

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Nocturama  - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsNocturama   (Album)2003

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus  - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsAbattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus   (Album)2004

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)B-Sides And Rarities  - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsB-Sides And Rarities   (Album)2005

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Abattoir Blues Tour  - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsAbattoir Blues Tour   (Album)2007

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Dig, Lazarus, Dig! - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsDig, Lazarus, Dig!  (Album)2008

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Push The Sky Away - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsPush The Sky Away  (Album)2013

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Live From KCRW - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsLive From KCRW  (Album)2013

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Skeleton Tree - {Nick Cave} + the Bad SeedsSkeleton Tree  (Album)2016

Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Discographie)Lovely Creatures -The Best Of Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds - Nick Cave + the Bad SeedsLovely Creatures -The Best Of Nick Cave + the Bad Seeds  (Album)2017

Nick Cave + Warren Ellis  (Discographie)White Lunar - {Nick Cave} + Warren EllisWhite Lunar  (Album)2009

Cavo  (Discographie)Thick As Thieves - CavoThick As Thieves  (Album)2012

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Adriano Celentano con Giulio Libano e la sua orchestra - Adriano CelentanoAdriano Celentano con Giulio Libano e la sua orchestra  (Album)1960

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Furore - Adriano CelentanoFurore  (Album)1960

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Peppermint Twist - Adriano CelentanoPeppermint Twist  (Album)1962

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)A New Orleans - Adriano CelentanoA New Orleans  (Album)1963

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Non mi dir - Adriano CelentanoNon mi dir  (Album)1965

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Il ragazzo della via Gluck - Adriano CelentanoIl ragazzo della via Gluck  (Album)1966

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Azzurro (Una carezza in un pugno) - Adriano CelentanoAzzurro (Una carezza in un pugno)  (Album)1968

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Adriano Rock - Adriano CelentanoAdriano Rock  (Album)1968

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Le robe che ha detto Adriano - Adriano CelentanoLe robe che ha detto Adriano  (Album)1969

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Il forestiero - Adriano CelentanoIl forestiero  (Album)1970

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Er piu - Storia dEr piu - Storia d'amore e di coltello  (Album)1971

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)I mali del secolo - Adriano CelentanoI mali del secolo  (Album)1972

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Nostalrock - Adriano CelentanoNostalrock  (Album)1973

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Yuppi du (Soundtrack) - Adriano CelentanoYuppi du (Soundtrack)  (Album)1975

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Svalutation - Adriano CelentanoSvalutation  (Album)1976

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Disco Dance - Adriano CelentanoDisco Dance  (Album)1977

Adriano Celentano  (Discographie)Tecadisk - Adriano CelentanoTecadisk  (Album)1977


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