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Chicago  (Discographie)The Very Best Of Chicago: Only the Beginning - ChicagoThe Very Best Of Chicago: Only the Beginning  (Album)2002

Chicago  (Discographie)Love Songs - ChicagoLove Songs  (Album)2005

Chicago  (Discographie)XXX - ChicagoXXX  (Album)2006

Chicago  (Discographie)Stone Of Sisyphus (Chicago XXXII) - ChicagoStone Of Sisyphus (Chicago XXXII)  (Album)2008

Chicago  (Discographie)Chicago XXXIV - Live In Chicago XXXIV - Live In '75  (Album)2011

Chicago  (Discographie)Now (Chicago XXXVI) - ChicagoNow (Chicago XXXVI)  (Album)2014

Chicago Transit Authority  (Discographie)Chicago Transit Authority - {Chicago} Transit AuthorityChicago Transit Authority  (Album)1969

Chicane  (Discographie)Far From The Maddening Crowds - ChicaneFar From The Maddening Crowds  (Album)1997

Chicane  (Discographie)Behind The Sun - ChicaneBehind The Sun  (Album)2000

Chicane  (Discographie)Somersault - ChicaneSomersault  (Album)2007

Chicane  (Discographie)The Best Of Chicane 1996 - 2009 - ChicaneThe Best Of Chicane 1996 - 2009  (Album)2009

Chicane  (Discographie)Giants - ChicaneGiants  (Album)2010

Chicane  (Discographie)Thousand Mile Stare - ChicaneThousand Mile Stare  (Album)2012

Chicane  (Discographie)The Sum Of Its Parts - ChicaneThe Sum Of Its Parts  (Album)2015

Chicane  (Discographie)Twenty - ChicaneTwenty  (Album)2016

Chickenfoot  (Discographie)Chickenfoot - ChickenfootChickenfoot  (Album)2009

Chickenfoot  (Discographie)III - ChickenfootIII  (Album)2011

Chickenfoot  (Discographie)Lv - ChickenfootLv  (Album)2012

Chickenfoot  (Discographie)Best And Live - ChickenfootBest And Live  (Album)2017

Chico And The Gypsies  (Discographie)Nomade - Chico And The GypsiesNomade  (Album)2010

Chico And The Gypsies  (Discographie)Bamboleo - The Greatest Gypsy Hits Of Chico And The Gypsies - Chico And The GypsiesBamboleo - The Greatest Gypsy Hits Of Chico And The Gypsies  (Album)2014

Chiddy Bang  (Discographie)The Preview - Chiddy BangThe Preview  (Album)2010

Chiddy Bang  (Discographie)Breakfast - Chiddy BangBreakfast  (Album)2012

Chieftains  (Discographie)Voices Of Ages - ChieftainsVoices Of Ages  (Album)2012

Desmond Child  (Discographie)Discipline - Desmond ChildDiscipline  (Album)1991

Desmond Child + Rouge  (Discographie)Desmond Child + Rouge - {Desmond Child} + RougeDesmond Child + Rouge  (Album)1979

Desmond Child + Rouge  (Discographie)Runners In The Night - {Desmond Child} + RougeRunners In The Night  (Album)1979

Childish Gambino  (Discographie)Awaken, My Love! - Childish GambinoAwaken, My Love!  (Album)2016

Children Of Bodom  (Discographie)Something Wild - Children Of BodomSomething Wild  (Album)1997

Children Of Bodom  (Discographie)Hatebreeder - Children Of BodomHatebreeder  (Album)1999

Children Of Bodom  (Discographie)Follow The Reaper - Children Of BodomFollow The Reaper  (Album)2000

Children Of Bodom  (Discographie)Hate Craw Deathroll - Children Of BodomHate Craw Deathroll  (Album)2003

Children Of Bodom  (Discographie)Are You Dead Yet? - Children Of BodomAre You Dead Yet?  (Album)2005

Children Of Bodom  (Discographie)Blooddrunk - Children Of BodomBlooddrunk  (Album)2008

Children Of Bodom  (Discographie)Skeletons In The Closet - Children Of BodomSkeletons In The Closet  (Album)2009

Children Of Bodom  (Discographie)Relentless, Reckless Forever - Children Of BodomRelentless, Reckless Forever  (Album)2011

Children Of Bodom  (Discographie)Holiday At Lake Bodom - 15 Years Of Wasted Youth - Children Of BodomHoliday At Lake Bodom - 15 Years Of Wasted Youth  (Album)2012

Children Of Bodom  (Discographie)Halo Of Blood - Children Of BodomHalo Of Blood  (Album)2013

Children Of Bodom  (Discographie)I Worship Chaos - Children Of BodomI Worship Chaos  (Album)2015

Children Of Sweden  (Discographie)Sing ABBA - Children Of SwedenSing ABBA  (Album)2009

Toni Childs  (Discographie)Union  - Toni ChildsUnion   (Album)1988

Toni Childs  (Discographie)House Of Hope - Toni ChildsHouse Of Hope  (Album)1991

Toni Childs  (Discographie)The WomanThe Woman's Boat  (Album)1994

Toni Childs  (Discographie)The Very Best Of Toni Childs - Toni ChildsThe Very Best Of Toni Childs  (Album)1996

Toni Childs  (Discographie)Ultimate Collection - Toni ChildsUltimate Collection  (Album)2000

Chillout Rockerz  (Discographie)Play For Pleasure - Chillout RockerzPlay For Pleasure  (Album)2011

Chima  (Discographie)Reine Glaubenssache - ChimaReine Glaubenssache  (Album)2002

Chima  (Discographie)Im Rahmen der Möglichkeiten - ChimaIm Rahmen der Möglichkeiten  (Album)2005

Chima  (Discographie)Stille - ChimaStille  (Album)2012

Chima  (Discographie)Von Steinen und Elefanten - ChimaVon Steinen und Elefanten  (Album)2014


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