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Leonard Cohen  (Discographie)Songs From The Road - Leonard CohenSongs From The Road  (Album)2010

Leonard Cohen  (Discographie)Old Ideas - Leonard CohenOld Ideas  (Album)2012

Leonard Cohen  (Discographie)Popular Problems - Leonard CohenPopular Problems  (Album)2014

Leonard Cohen  (Discographie)Live In Dublin - Leonard CohenLive In Dublin  (Album)2014

Leonard Cohen  (Discographie)CanCan't Forget - A Souvenir Of The Grand Tour  (Album)2015

Leonard Cohen  (Discographie)You Want It Darker - Leonard CohenYou Want It Darker  (Album)2016

Marc Cohn  (Discographie)Marc Cohn - Marc CohnMarc Cohn  (Album)1991

Marc Cohn  (Discographie)The Rainy Season - Marc CohnThe Rainy Season  (Album)1993

Marc Cohn  (Discographie)Burning The Daze - Marc CohnBurning The Daze  (Album)1998

Marc Cohn  (Discographie)The Very Best Of Marc Cohn - Marc CohnThe Very Best Of Marc Cohn  (Album)2006

Marc Cohn  (Discographie)Join The Parade - Marc CohnJoin The Parade  (Album)2007

Marc Cohn  (Discographie)Listening Booth: 1970 - Marc CohnListening Booth: 1970  (Album)2010

Cold  (Discographie)Cold - ColdCold  (Album)1998

Cold  (Discographie)13 Ways To Bleed On Stage - Cold13 Ways To Bleed On Stage  (Album)2000

Cold  (Discographie)Year Of The Spider - ColdYear Of The Spider  (Album)2003

Cold  (Discographie)A Different Kind Of Pain - ColdA Different Kind Of Pain  (Album)2005

Cold  (Discographie)Superfiction - ColdSuperfiction  (Album)2011

Cold War Kids  (Discographie)Mine Is Yours - Cold War KidsMine Is Yours  (Album)2011

Cold War Kids  (Discographie)Dear Miss Lonelyhearts - Cold War KidsDear Miss Lonelyhearts  (Album)2013

Cold War Kids  (Discographie)Hold My Home - Cold War KidsHold My Home  (Album)2014

Cold War Kids  (Discographie)L.A. Divine - Cold War KidsL.A. Divine  (Album)2017

Coldplay  (Discographie)Parachutes - ColdplayParachutes  (Album)2000

Coldplay  (Discographie)A Rush Of Blood To The Head - ColdplayA Rush Of Blood To The Head  (Album)2002

Coldplay  (Discographie)X + Y - ColdplayX + Y  (Album)2005

Coldplay  (Discographie)Viva La Vida (Or Death And All His Friends) - ColdplayViva La Vida (Or Death And All His Friends)  (Album)2008

Coldplay  (Discographie)Mylo Xyloto - ColdplayMylo Xyloto  (Album)2011

Coldplay  (Discographie)Live 2012 - ColdplayLive 2012  (Album)2012

Coldplay  (Discographie)Ghost Stories - ColdplayGhost Stories  (Album)2014

Coldplay  (Discographie)Ghost Stories Live 2014 - ColdplayGhost Stories Live 2014  (Album)2014

Coldplay  (Discographie)A Head Full Of Dreams - ColdplayA Head Full Of Dreams  (Album)2015

Cheryl Cole  (Discographie)3 Words - Cheryl Cole3 Words  (Album)2009

Chery Cole  (Discographie)Messy Little Raindrops - Chery ColeMessy Little Raindrops  (Album)2010

Holly Cole  (Discographie)Night - Holly ColeNight  (Album)2012

Holly Cole  (Discographie)Steal The Night - Holly ColeSteal The Night  (Album)2012

J. Cole  (Discographie)Cole World: The Sideline Stories - J. ColeCole World: The Sideline Stories  (Album)2011

J. Cole  (Discographie)Born Sinner - J. ColeBorn Sinner  (Album)2013

J. Cole  (Discographie)2014 Forst Hills Drive - J. Cole2014 Forst Hills Drive  (Album)2014

J. Cole  (Discographie)4 Your Eyez Only - J. Cole4 Your Eyez Only  (Album)2016

Lloyd Cole  (Discographie)Broken Record - Lloyd ColeBroken Record  (Album)2010

Lloyd Cole  (Discographie)Standards - Lloyd ColeStandards  (Album)2013

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Penthouse Serenade - Nat Penthouse Serenade  (Album)1952

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Top Pops - Nat Top Pops  (Album)1952

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Sings For Two In Love - Nat Sings For Two In Love  (Album)1953

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Unforgettable - Nat Unforgettable  (Album)1954

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)10th Anniversary - Nat 10th Anniversary  (Album)1955

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)The Piano Style Of Nat King Cole - Nat The Piano Style Of Nat King Cole  (Album)1955

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)After Midnight - Nat After Midnight  (Album)1956

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Ballads Of The Day - Nat Ballads Of The Day  (Album)1956

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)This Is Nat King Cole - Nat This Is Nat King Cole  (Album)1957

Nat 'King' Cole  (Discographie)Just One Of Those Things - Nat Just One Of Those Things  (Album)1957


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