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Johnny Cash  (Discographie)The Johnny Cash Show - Johnny CashThe Johnny Cash Show  (Album)1970

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Hello, IHello, I'm Johnny Cash  (Album)1970

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Man In Black - Johnny CashMan In Black  (Album)1971

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)International Superstar - Johnny CashInternational Superstar  (Album)1972

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)The Johnny Cash Family Christmas - Johnny CashThe Johnny Cash Family Christmas  (Album)1972

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)America - A 200-Year Salute In Story And Song - Johnny CashAmerica - A 200-Year Salute In Story And Song  (Album)1972

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)A Thing Called Love - Johnny CashA Thing Called Love  (Album)1972

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)The Gospel Road - Johnny CashThe Gospel Road  (Album)1973

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Any Old Wind That Blows - Johnny CashAny Old Wind That Blows  (Album)1973

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Pa Österaker - Johnny CashPa Österaker  (Album)1973

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)The Junkie And The Juicehead Minus Me - Johnny CashThe Junkie And The Juicehead Minus Me  (Album)1974

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Ragged Old Flag - Johnny CashRagged Old Flag  (Album)1974

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Look At Them Beans - Johnny CashLook At Them Beans  (Album)1975

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)John R. Cash - Johnny CashJohn R. Cash  (Album)1975

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Sings Precious Moments - Johnny CashSings Precious Moments  (Album)1975

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)The Johnny Cash ChildrenThe Johnny Cash Children's Album  (Album)1975

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)One Piece At A Time - Johnny CashOne Piece At A Time  (Album)1976

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Strawberry Cake - Johnny CashStrawberry Cake  (Album)1976

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)The Rambler - Johnny CashThe Rambler  (Album)1977

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)The Last Gunfighter Ballad - Johnny CashThe Last Gunfighter Ballad  (Album)1977

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Gone Girl - Johnny CashGone Girl  (Album)1978

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)I Would Like To See You Again - Johnny CashI Would Like To See You Again  (Album)1978

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Silver - Johnny CashSilver  (Album)1979

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Classic Christmas - Johnny CashClassic Christmas  (Album)1980

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Rockabilly Blues - Johnny CashRockabilly Blues  (Album)1980

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)The Baron - Johnny CashThe Baron  (Album)1981

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)The Adventures Of Johnny Cash - Johnny CashThe Adventures Of Johnny Cash  (Album)1982

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Johnny 99 - Johnny CashJohnny 99  (Album)1983

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Rainbow - Johnny CashRainbow  (Album)1985

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Johnny Cash Is Coming To Town - Johnny CashJohnny Cash Is Coming To Town  (Album)1987

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Water From The Wells Of Home - Johnny CashWater From The Wells Of Home  (Album)1988

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Boom Chicka Boom - Johnny CashBoom Chicka Boom  (Album)1990

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)The Mystery Of Life - Johnny CashThe Mystery Of Life  (Album)1991

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)American Recordings - Johnny CashAmerican Recordings  (Album)1994

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Unchained - Johnny CashUnchained  (Album)1996

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)American III: Solitary Man - Johnny CashAmerican III: Solitary Man  (Album)2000

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)American IV: The Man Comes Around - Johnny CashAmerican IV: The Man Comes Around  (Album)2002

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)My MotherMy Mother's Hymn Book  (Album)2004

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Ring Of Fire - The Legend Of Johnny Cash - Johnny CashRing Of Fire - The Legend Of Johnny Cash  (Album)2005

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)American V: A Hundred Highways - Johnny CashAmerican V: A Hundred Highways  (Album)2006

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)American VI: AinAmerican VI: Ain't No Grave  (Album)2010

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Bootleg 3: Live Around The World - Johnny CashBootleg 3: Live Around The World  (Album)2011

Johnny Cash  (Discographie)Out Among The Stars - Johnny CashOut Among The Stars  (Album)2014

Johnny Cash + June Carter  (Discographie)CarryinCarryin' On With Johnny Cash And June Carter  (Album)1967

Johnny Cash + June Carter Cash  (Discographie)Johnny Cash And His Woman - {Johnny Cash} + June Carter CashJohnny Cash And His Woman  (Album)1973

Rosanne Cash  (Discographie)The List - Rosanne CashThe List  (Album)2009

Rosanne Cash  (Discographie)The River And The Thread - Rosanne CashThe River And The Thread  (Album)2014

Cashmo  (Discographie)In Erinnerung - CashmoIn Erinnerung  (Album)2013

Cashmo  (Discographie)1994 - Cashmo1994  (Album)2017

Cashmo  (Discographie)Hoez und Broz - CashmoHoez und Broz  (Album)2017


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