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Enno Bunger  (Discographie)Flüssiges Glück - Enno BungerFlüssiges Glück  (Album)2015

Bunny Lake  (Discographie)The Late Night Tapes - Bunny LakeThe Late Night Tapes  (Album)2006

Bunny Lake  (Discographie)The Church Of Bunny Lake - Bunny LakeThe Church Of Bunny Lake  (Album)2007

Bunny Lake  (Discographie)The Beautiful Fail - Bunny LakeThe Beautiful Fail  (Album)2010

Buraka Som Sistema  (Discographie)Buraka - Buraka Som SistemaBuraka  (Album)2014

Burden Of Grief  (Discographie)Eye Of The Storm - Burden Of GriefEye Of The Storm  (Album)2018

Eric Burdon's Fire Dept.  (Discographie)The Last Drive - {Eric Burdon}The Last Drive  (Album)1980

Eric Burdon  (Discographie)Eric Burdon Declares Eric Burdon Declares 'War'  (Album)1970

Eric Burdon  (Discographie)Survivor - Eric BurdonSurvivor  (Album)1977

Eric Burdon  (Discographie)Darkness - Darkness - Eric BurdonDarkness - Darkness  (Album)1980

Eric Burdon  (Discographie)I Used To Be An Animal - Eric BurdonI Used To Be An Animal  (Album)1988

Eric Burdon  (Discographie)Lost Within The Halls Of Fame - Eric BurdonLost Within The Halls Of Fame  (Album)1995

Eric Burdon  (Discographie)My Secret Life - Eric BurdonMy Secret Life  (Album)2004

Eric Burdon  (Discographie)Soul Of A Man - Eric BurdonSoul Of A Man  (Album)2006

Eric Burdon  (Discographie)Mirage - Eric BurdonMirage  (Album)2008

Eric Burdon  (Discographie)Til Your River Runs Dry - Eric BurdonTil Your River Runs Dry  (Album)2013

Eric Burdon + Jimmy Witherspoon  (Discographie)Guilty - {Eric Burdon} + Jimmy WitherspoonGuilty  (Album)1971

Eric Burdon + the Animals  (Discographie)Eric Is Here - {Eric Burdon} + the {Animals}Eric Is Here  (Album)1967

Eric Burdon + the Animals  (Discographie)Winds Of Change - {Eric Burdon} + the {Animals}Winds Of Change  (Album)1967

Eric Burdon + the Animals  (Discographie)The Twain Shall Meet - {Eric Burdon} + the {Animals}The Twain Shall Meet  (Album)1968

Eric Burdon + the Animals  (Discographie)Every One Of Us - {Eric Burdon} + the {Animals}Every One Of Us  (Album)1968

Eric Burdon + the Animals  (Discographie)Love Is - {Eric Burdon} + the {Animals}Love Is  (Album)1968

Eric Burdon + War  (Discographie)The Black-ManThe Black-Man's Burdon  (Album)1970

Eric Burdon + War  (Discographie)Love Is All Around - {Eric Burdon} + WarLove Is All Around  (Album)1976

Eric Burdon Band  (Discographie)Sun Secrets - {Eric Burdon} BandSun Secrets  (Album)1974

Eric Burdon Band  (Discographie)Stop - {Eric Burdon} BandStop  (Album)1975

Eric Burdon Band  (Discographie)Comeback - {Eric Burdon} BandComeback  (Album)1982

Eric Burdon Band  (Discographie)Power Company - {Eric Burdon} BandPower Company  (Album)1983

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Spanish Train And Other Stories - Chris de BurghSpanish Train And Other Stories  (Album)1975

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Far Beyond These Castle Walls - Chris de BurghFar Beyond These Castle Walls  (Album)1975

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)At The End Of A Perfect Day - Chris de BurghAt The End Of A Perfect Day  (Album)1977

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Crusader - Chris de BurghCrusader  (Album)1979

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Eastern Wind - Chris de BurghEastern Wind  (Album)1980

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Best Moves - Chris de BurghBest Moves  (Album)1981

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)The Getaway - Chris de BurghThe Getaway  (Album)1982

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Man On The Line - Chris de BurghMan On The Line  (Album)1984

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Into The Light - Chris de BurghInto The Light  (Album)1986

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Flying Colours - Chris de BurghFlying Colours  (Album)1988

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Spark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh - Chris de BurghSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh  (Album)1989

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin - Chris de BurghHigh On Emotion: Live From Dublin  (Album)1990

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Power Of Ten - Chris de BurghPower Of Ten  (Album)1992

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)This Way Up - Chris de BurghThis Way Up  (Album)1994

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Beautiful Dreams - Chris de BurghBeautiful Dreams  (Album)1995

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)The Love Songs - Chris de BurghThe Love Songs  (Album)1997

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Quiet Revolution - Chris de BurghQuiet Revolution  (Album)1999

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)The Ultimate Collection - Chris de BurghThe Ultimate Collection  (Album)2000

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Timing Is Everything - Chris de BurghTiming Is Everything  (Album)2002

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)The Road To Freedom - Chris de BurghThe Road To Freedom  (Album)2004

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)Live In Dortmund - Chris de BurghLive In Dortmund  (Album)2005

Chris de Burgh  (Discographie)The Storyman - Chris de BurghThe Storyman  (Album)2006


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