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Black Pony  (Discographie)Launched In The Pool - Black PonyLaunched In The Pool  (Album)2011

Black Pony  (Discographie)Take Off - Black PonyTake Off  (Album)2012

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  (Discographie)Specter At The Feast - Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubSpecter At The Feast  (Album)2013

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  (Discographie)Wrong Creatures - Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubWrong Creatures  (Album)2018

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Black Sabbath - Black SabbathBlack Sabbath  (Album)1970

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Paranoid - Black SabbathParanoid  (Album)1970

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Master Of Reality - Black SabbathMaster Of Reality  (Album)1971

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Black Sabbath Vol. 4 - Black SabbathBlack Sabbath Vol. 4  (Album)1972

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Black SabbathSabbath Bloody Sabbath  (Album)1973

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Sabotage - Black SabbathSabotage  (Album)1975

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Technical Ecstasy - Black SabbathTechnical Ecstasy  (Album)1976

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Never Say Die! - Black SabbathNever Say Die!  (Album)1978

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Heaven And Hell - Black SabbathHeaven And Hell  (Album)1980

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Mob Rules - Black SabbathMob Rules  (Album)1981

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Live Evil - Black SabbathLive Evil  (Album)1982

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Born Again - Black SabbathBorn Again  (Album)1983

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)The Eternal Idol - Black SabbathThe Eternal Idol  (Album)1987

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Headless Cross - Black SabbathHeadless Cross  (Album)1989

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Tyr - Black SabbathTyr  (Album)1990

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Dehumanizer - Black SabbathDehumanizer  (Album)1992

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Cross Purposes - Black SabbathCross Purposes  (Album)1994

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Forbidden - Black SabbathForbidden  (Album)1995

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Reunion - Black SabbathReunion  (Album)1998

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)Past Lives - Black SabbathPast Lives  (Album)2002

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)13 - Black Sabbath13  (Album)2013

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)The Ultimate Collection - Black SabbathThe Ultimate Collection  (Album)2016

Black Sabbath  (Discographie)The End - Black SabbathThe End  (Album)2017

Black Sabbath feat. Tony Iommi  (Discographie)Seventh Star - {Black Sabbath} feat. Tony IommiSeventh Star  (Album)1986

Black Seeds  (Discographie)Solid Ground - Black SeedsSolid Ground  (Album)2008

Black Seeds  (Discographie)Dust And Dirt - Black SeedsDust And Dirt  (Album)2012

Black Seeds  (Discographie)Fabric - Black SeedsFabric  (Album)2017

Black September  (Discographie)The Forbidden Gates Beyond - Black SeptemberThe Forbidden Gates Beyond  (Album)2011

Black September  (Discographie)Into The Darkness, Into The Void - Black SeptemberInto The Darkness, Into The Void  (Album)2012

Black Sheep  (Discographie)Not Part Of The Deal - Black SheepNot Part Of The Deal  (Album)2009

Black Sheep  (Discographie)Politics - Black SheepPolitics  (Album)2014

Black Star Riders  (Discographie)All Hell Breaks Loose - Black Star RidersAll Hell Breaks Loose  (Album)2013

Black Star Riders  (Discographie)The Killer Instinct - Black Star RidersThe Killer Instinct  (Album)2015

Black Star Riders  (Discographie)Heavy Fire - Black Star RidersHeavy Fire  (Album)2017

Black Stone Cherry  (Discographie)Black Stone Cherry - Black Stone CherryBlack Stone Cherry  (Album)2006

Black Stone Cherry  (Discographie)Folklore And Superstition - Black Stone CherryFolklore And Superstition  (Album)2008

Black Stone Cherry  (Discographie)Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea - Black Stone CherryBetween The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea  (Album)2011

Black Stone Cherry  (Discographie)Magic Mountain - Black Stone CherryMagic Mountain  (Album)2014

Black Stone Cherry  (Discographie)Kentucky - Black Stone CherryKentucky  (Album)2016

Black Stone Cherry  (Discographie)Family Tree - Black Stone CherryFamily Tree  (Album)2018

Black Tide  (Discographie)Light From Above - Black TideLight From Above  (Album)2008

Black Tide  (Discographie)Post Mortem - Black TidePost Mortem  (Album)2011

Black Tide  (Discographie)Chasing Shadows - Black TideChasing Shadows  (Album)2016

Black Trip  (Discographie)GoinGoin' Under  (Album)2014

Black Trip  (Discographie)Shadowline - Black TripShadowline  (Album)2015

Black Veil Brides  (Discographie)We Stitch These Wounds - Black Veil BridesWe Stitch These Wounds  (Album)2010


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