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Beirut  (Discographie)The Rip Tide - BeirutThe Rip Tide  (Album)2011

Beirut  (Discographie)No No No - BeirutNo No No  (Album)2015

Eren Can Bektas  (Discographie)Traum - Eren Can BektasTraum  (Album)2016

Bel Amis  (Discographie)Best Of - Bel AmisBest Of  (Album)2009

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Mark Twain And Other Folk Favourites - Harry BelafonteMark Twain And Other Folk Favourites  (Album)1954

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Belafonte - Harry BelafonteBelafonte  (Album)1955

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Calypso - Harry BelafonteCalypso  (Album)1955

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)An Evening With Belafonte - Harry BelafonteAn Evening With Belafonte  (Album)1957

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Belafonte Sings Of The Caribbean - Harry BelafonteBelafonte Sings Of The Caribbean  (Album)1957

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)To Wish You A Merry Christmas - Harry BelafonteTo Wish You A Merry Christmas  (Album)1958

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Belafonte Sings The Blues - Harry BelafonteBelafonte Sings The Blues  (Album)1958

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Love Is A Gentle Thing - Harry BelafonteLove Is A Gentle Thing  (Album)1959

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Belafonte At Carnegie Hall - Harry BelafonteBelafonte At Carnegie Hall  (Album)1959

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)My Lord What A Morning - Harry BelafonteMy Lord What A Morning  (Album)1960

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Belafonte Returns To Carnegie Hall - Harry BelafonteBelafonte Returns To Carnegie Hall  (Album)1960

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Swing Dat Hammer - Harry BelafonteSwing Dat Hammer  (Album)1960

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Jump Up Calypso - Harry BelafonteJump Up Calypso  (Album)1961

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)The Midnight Special - Harry BelafonteThe Midnight Special  (Album)1962

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)The Many Moods Of Belafonte - Harry BelafonteThe Many Moods Of Belafonte  (Album)1962

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Streets I Have Walked - Harry BelafonteStreets I Have Walked  (Album)1963

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Belafonte At The Greek Theatre - Harry BelafonteBelafonte At The Greek Theatre  (Album)1964

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Ballads, Blues And Boasters - Harry BelafonteBallads, Blues And Boasters  (Album)1964

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)An Evening With Belafonte/Mouskouri - Harry BelafonteAn Evening With Belafonte/Mouskouri  (Album)1966

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)In My Quiet Room - Harry BelafonteIn My Quiet Room  (Album)1966

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Calypso In Brass - Harry BelafonteCalypso In Brass  (Album)1966

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Belafonte On Campus - Harry BelafonteBelafonte On Campus  (Album)1967

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Belafonte Sings Of Love - Harry BelafonteBelafonte Sings Of Love  (Album)1968

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Homeward Bound - Harry BelafonteHomeward Bound  (Album)1970

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)By Request - Harry BelafonteBy Request  (Album)1970

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)The Warm Touch - Harry BelafonteThe Warm Touch  (Album)1971

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Calypso Carnival - Harry BelafonteCalypso Carnival  (Album)1971

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Belafonte... Live! - Harry BelafonteBelafonte... Live!  (Album)1972

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Play Me - Harry BelafontePlay Me  (Album)1973

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Concert In Japan - Harry BelafonteConcert In Japan  (Album)1974

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Turn The World Around - Harry BelafonteTurn The World Around  (Album)1977

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Loving You Is Where I Belong - Harry BelafonteLoving You Is Where I Belong  (Album)1981

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Paradise In Gazankulu - Harry BelafonteParadise In Gazankulu  (Album)1988

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Stationen - Harry BelafonteStationen  (Album)1989

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)An Evening With Harry Belafonte And Friends - Harry BelafonteAn Evening With Harry Belafonte And Friends  (Album)1997

Harry Belafonte  (Discographie)Sing Your Song - The Music - Harry BelafonteSing Your Song - The Music  (Album)2011

Harry Belafonte + Lena Horne  (Discographie)Porgy And Bess - {Harry Belafonte} + Lena HornePorgy And Bess  (Album)1959

Harry Belafonte + Lena Horne  (Discographie)For The Love Of Life - {Harry Belafonte} + Lena HorneFor The Love Of Life  (Album)1970

Harry Belafonte + Miriam Makeba  (Discographie)An Evening With Belafonte/Makeba - {Harry Belafonte} + Miriam MakebaAn Evening With Belafonte/Makeba  (Album)1965

Shari Belafonte  (Discographie)Eyes Of Night - Shari BelafonteEyes Of Night  (Album)1987

Shari Belafonte  (Discographie)Shari - Shari BelafonteShari  (Album)1989

Believer  (Discographie)Transhuman - BelieverTranshuman  (Album)2011

Belinda  (Discographie)Belinda - BelindaBelinda  (Album)2003

Belinda  (Discographie)Utopia - BelindaUtopia  (Album)2006

Belinda  (Discographie)Utopia (International Version) - BelindaUtopia (International Version)  (Album)2008

Belinda  (Discographie)Carpe Diem - BelindaCarpe Diem  (Album)2010


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