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Lord Of The Lost

Swan Songs - Lord Of The Lost
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Swan Songs


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Interpret: Lord Of The Lost
Album-Titel: Swan Songs
Tracks: 21
Label: Out Of Line
Vertrieb: Rough Trade
Erstveröffentlichung: 20.03.2015
  1. Six Feet Underground (Swan Songs Version)
  2. Dry The Rain (Swan Songs Version)
  3. Beyond Beautiful (Swan Songs Version)
  4. See You Soon (Swan Songs Version)
  5. Go To Hell (Swan Songs Version)
  6. Antagony (Swan Songs Version)
  7. Love In A Time Of War (Swan Songs Version)
  8. October 29 (Swan Songs Version)
  9. Prison (Swan Songs Version)
10. Till Death Us Do Part (Swan Songs Version)
11. Afterlife (Swan Songs Version)
12. Sober (Swan Songs Version)
13. Credo (Swan Songs Version)
14. Porcelain
15. Lost In A Heartbeat
16. Annabel Lee
17. So Good It Hurts
18. This Life Divided
19. The Sands Of Time
20. If Johnny Cash Was Here
21. Somewhere
Lord Of The Lost - Discographie:
2021: Judas      Napalm
2020: Swan Songs III      Napalm
2018: Thornstar      Napalm
2017: Swan Songs II      Napalm
2016: Empyrean      Out Of Line
2014: From The Flame Into The Fire      Out Of Line
2012: Die Tomorrow      Out Of Line
2011: Antagony      Out Of Line
2010: Fears      Out Of Line
Greatest Hits-Alben/Compilations:
2019: Till Death Do Us Part - Best Of      Out Of Line
2015: Swan Songs      Out Of Line
2013: We Give Our Hearts      Out Of Line

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