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Lord Of The Lost

Swan Songs III - Lord Of The Lost

Swan Songs III


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Interpret: Lord Of The Lost
Album-Titel: Swan Songs III
Tracks: 21
Label: Napalm
Vertrieb: Universal
Erstveröffentlichung: 07.08.2020
  1. A Splintered Mind
  2. A One Ton Heart
  3. Dying On The Moon (+ Joy Frost)
  4. Zunya
  5. Unfeel
  6. Deathless
  7. Agape
  8. Hurt Again
  9. Amber
10. We Were Young (+ Heaven Can Wait)
11. 4'33''
12. Dying On The Moon (Joyless Version)
13. We Were Young (ZDF Version) (+ Heaven Can Wait)
14. Loreley (Swan Songs III Version)
15. Morgana (Swan Songs III Version)
16. Black Halo (Swan Songs III Version)
17. Cut Me Out (Swan Songs III Version)
18. In Silence (Swan Songs III Version)
19. Seven Days Of Anavrin (Swan Songs III Version)
20. My Heart Is Black (Swan Songs III Version)
21. Letters To Home (Swan Songs III Version)
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2012: Die Tomorrow      Out Of Line
2011: Antagony      Out Of Line
2010: Fears      Out Of Line
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