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Live In Dortmund - Chris de Burgh

Live In Dortmund


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Interpret: Chris de Burgh
Album-Titel: Live In Dortmund
Tracks: 33
Label: SPV
Erstveröffentlichung: 27.06.2005
  1. When Winter Comes (live)
  2. The Road To Freedom (live)
  3. The Getaway (live)
  4. Sight And Touch (live)
  5. The Same Sun (live)
  6. Last Night (live)
  7. Moonlight And Vodka (live)
  8. Once Upon A Time (live)
  9. Five Past Dreams (live)
10. Here For You (live)
11. Natasha Dance (live)
12. Lebanese Night (live)
13. A Rainy Night In Paris (live)
14. Songbird (live)
15. St. Peter's Gate (live)
16. Medley: Living On The Island - A Night On The River... (live)
17. Snow Is Falling (live)
18. Borderline (live)
19. Say Goodbye To It All (live)
20. Up Here In Heaven (live)
21. Carry Me (live)
22. A Spaceman Came Travelling (live)
23. Sailing Away (live)
24. The Words I Love You (live)
25. The Lady In Red (live)
26. The Revolution (live)
27. Where Peaceful Waters Flow (live)
28. The Journey (live)
29. Living In The World (live)
30. Read My Name (live)
31. Don't Pay The Ferryman (live)
32. High On Emotion (live)
33. The Snows Of New York (live)
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