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Celine Dion

A New Day - Live In Las Vegas - Celine Dion

A New Day - Live In Las Vegas


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Interpret: Celine Dion
Album-Titel: A New Day - Live In Las Vegas
Tracks: 15
Label: Columbia
Vertrieb: Sony
ErstverŲffentlichung: 14.06.2004
  1. Nature Boy (live)
  2. It's All Coming Back To Me Now (live)
  3. Because You Loved Me (live)
  4. I'm Alive (live)
  5. If I Could (live)
  6. At Last (live)
  7. Fever (live)
  8. I've Got The World On A String (live)
  9. Et je t'aime encore (live)
10. I Wish (live)
11. I Drove All Night (live)
12. My Heart Will Go On (live)
13. What A Wonderful World (live)
14. You And I (live)
15. Ain't Gonna Look The Other Way (live)
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