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Whispers In The Shadow
Borrowed Nightmares And Forgotten Dreams

Borrowed Nightmares And Forgotten Dreams - Whispers In The Shadow
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Interpret: Whispers In The Shadow
Album-Titel: Borrowed Nightmares And Forgotten Dreams
Tracks: 17
Label: BOB-Media
Vertrieb: Sony
Erstveröffentlichung: 29.05.2009
  1. The Arrival (Shemhamforash Mix)
  2. The Nightside Of Eden (Sieben Remix)
  3. Train (2009 - The Emminence Version)
  4. Damned Nation (Thomas Rainer Remix)
  5. A Taste Of Decay (Qek Junior Remix)
  6. Killing Time (Vix Remix)
  7. Pandora`s Calling (Persephone Remix)
  8. The Arrival (Touched By The Hand Of GOD)
  9. Damned Nation (Shallow Graves Version)
10. Babylon Rising (Ice Ages Remix)
11. Killing Time (The House Of Usher Remix)
12. Down By The Sea (Cults Of The Shadow)
13. Everybody
14. Karma Revolution
15. We Better Go
16. Waste (Broken Day Version)
17. Optimistic Day
Whispers In The Shadow - Discographie:
2023: Ghosts      Solar Lodge
2008: Into The Arms Of Chaos      BOB-Media
2001: Permanent Illusions      Trisol
2000: A Taste Of Decay      Trisol
1999: November      Trinity
1997: Laudanum      Last Epitaph
Greatest Hits-Alben/Compilations:
2009: Borrowed Nightmares And Forgotten Dreams      BOB-Media
2003: Everything You Knew Was Wrong...      Trisol
2007: A-Cold-Night      Alice In...

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