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Terence Trent D'Arby

Neither Fish Nor Flesh - Terence Trent D

Neither Fish Nor Flesh


Neither Fish Nor Flesh von Terence Trent D
CD: 22.81 EUR
Neither Fish Nor Flesh von Terence Trent D
MP3: 10.99 EUR

Interpret: Terence Trent D'Arby
Album-Titel: Neither Fish Nor Flesh
Tracks: 12
Label: Columbia
Vertrieb: Sony
Erstveröffentlichung: 07.11.1989
  1. Declaration: Neither Fish Nor Flesh
  2. I Have Faith In These Desolate Times
  3. It Feels So Good To Love Someone Like You
  4. To Know Someone Deeply Is To Know Someone Softly
  5. I'll Be Alright
  6. Billy Don't Fall
  7. This Side Of Love
  8. Attracted To You
  9. Roly Poly
10. You Will Pay Tomorrow
11. I Don't Want To Bring Your Gods Down
12. I Need To Be With Someone Tonight
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1995: Vibrator      Columbia
1993: Symphony Or Damn      Columbia
1989: Neither Fish Nor Flesh      Columbia
1987: Introducing The Hardline According To Terence Trent D'Arby      Columbia

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