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The Woman In Me - Shania Twain

The Woman In Me


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Interpret: Shania Twain
Album-Titel: The Woman In Me
Tracks: 12
Label: Mercury
Vertrieb: Universal
Erstveröffentlichung: 07.02.1995 (USA)
Wiederveröffentlichung: 09.10.2020 (Super Deluxe Diamond Edition)
  1. Home Ain't Where His Heart Is (Anymore)
  2. Any Man Of Mine
  3. Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under
  4. I'm Outta Here
  5. The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You)
  6. Is There Life After Love
  7. If It Don't Take Two
  8. You Win My Love
  9. Raining On Our Love
10. Leaving Is The Only Way Out
11. No One Needs To Know
12. God Bless The Child
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