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Grand-Prix Clubhits - Sampler

Grand-Prix Clubhits


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Album-Titel: Grand-Prix Clubhits
Tracks: 50
Label: EMM
Vertrieb: EMI
Erstveröffentlichung: 20.04.2012
  1. Lipstick (Jedward)
  2. Popular (Eric Saade)
  3. La noche es para mi (The Night Is For Me) (Soraya)
  4. Düm tek tek (Hadise)
  5. Ninanajna (Elena Risteska)
  6. This Is Our Night (Sakis Rouvas)
  7. Hero (Charlotte Perrelli)
  8. Let's Get Happy (Lou)
  9. My Heart Goes Boom (Charmed)
10. One More Night (Esther Hart)
11. Give Me Your Love (Fame)
12. Je t'adore (Kate Ryan)
13. Yassou Maria (Greenglish Version) (Sarbel)
14. Always (Aysel + Arash)
15. Dime (Manuel Carrasco + Beth + Tessa)
16. Take Me To Your Heaven (Wizex)
17. What About My Dreams (Eurovision Edit) (Hunglish) (Kati Wolf)
18. This Is My Life (Euroband)
19. Lose Control (Waldo's People)
20. No No Never (Texas Lightning)
21. Glow (Madcon)
22. Satellite (Rockabilly Version) (Stefan Raab + Lena)
23. Die For You (Die For Disco Remix) (Antique)
24. Every Way That I Can (Philippe Laurent From Galleon Radio Edit) (Clean Version) (Sertab Erener)
25. The Balkan Girls (Elena)
26. Je ne sais quoi (Clubmix) (Hera Björk)
27. Fairytale (DJ Lello Remix) (Alexander Rybak)
28. Främling (Remix by Reimer + Ingeström) (Carola)
29. Hold Me Now (2001) (Johnny Logan)
30. 7th Wonder (Club Mix) (Ira Losco)
31. Everything (Valentino + Christodoulos Siganos Remix) (Anna Vissi)
32. My Heart Is Yours (7h Radio Remix) (Didrik Solli-Tangen)
33. Once In A Lifetime (Paradise 9 Remix) (Ines)
34. All I Ever Wanted Was You (Lars Fredriksen)
35. Just Get Out Of My Life (Finger + Kadel (Radio-Mix) (Andrea Demirovic)
36. Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit (Gina G )
37. I Can't Live Without Music (Energy Mix) (Corinna May)
38. Hold On Be Strong (Deepfrost Cafémix Radio Edit) (Maria Haukaas Storeng)
39. Il pleut de l'or (Full Of Grace House Mix) (Michael von der Heide)
40. Rockefeller Street (Rockefeller Street Rmx) (Getter Jaani)
41. Love Shine A Light (Xenomania Club Mix) (Katrina And The Waves)
42. Waterloo (Olsen Brothers)
43. Fly On The Wings Of Love (New 2010) (Olsen Brothers)
44. Ein bisschen Frieden (Olsen Brothers feat. Nicole)
45. In The Club (Danny)
46. Alcastar (Alcazar)
47. Queen Of Light (Radio Edit) (E-Rotic)
48. Shanghain Valot (Annika Eklund)
49. No Surrender (Fabrizio Faniello)
50. Overflow (Ditte Marie)

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