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Live From Outer Space - RPWL

Live From Outer Space


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Interpret: RPWL
Album-Titel: Live From Outer Space
Tracks: 14
Label: Gentle Art Of Music
Vertrieb: Soulfood
Erstveröffentlichung: 15.11.2019
  1. News From Outer Space (live)
  2. A New World (live)
  3. Welcome To The Freak Show (live)
  4. Light Of The World (live)
  5. Not Our Place To Be (live)
  6. What I Really Need (live)
  7. Give Birth To The Sun (live)
  8. Far Away From Home (live)
  9. Hole In The Sky (live)
10. Sleep (live)
11. Masters Of War (live)
12. Trying To Kiss The Sun (live)
13. Roses (live)
14. Unchain The Earth (live)
RPWL - Discographie:
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2012: Beyond Man And Time      Gentle Art Of Music
2019: Live From Outer Space      Gentle Art Of Music
2017: A New Dawn      Gentle Art Of Music
2013: A Show Beyond Man And Time      P.U.P. Metal Mind

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