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The Underworld Awaits Us

The Underworld Awaits Us - Nile


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Interpret: Nile
Album-Titel: The Underworld Awaits Us
Tracks: 11
Label: Napalm
Vertrieb: SPV
Erstveröffentlichung: 20.09.2024
  1. Stelae Of Vultures
  2. Chapter For Not Being Hung...
  3. To Strike With Secret Fang
  4. Naqada II - Enter The Golden Age
  5. The Pentagrammathion Of Nephren-Ka
  6. Overlords Of The Black Earth
  7. Under The Curse Of The One God
  8. Doctrine Of Last Things
  9. True Gods Of The Desert
10. The Underworld Awaits Us All
11. Lament For The Destruction Of Time
Nile - Discographie:
2024: The Underworld Awaits Us      Napalm
2019: Vile Nilotic Rites      Nuclear Blast
2015: What Should Not Be Unearthed      Nuclear Blast
2012: At The Gates Of Sethu      Nuclear Blast
2009: Those Whom The Gods Detest      Nuclear Blast
2007: Ithyphallic      Nuclear Blast
2005: Annihilation Of The Wicked      Relapse
2002: In Their Darkened Shrines      Relapse
2000: Black Seeds Of Vengeance      Relapse
1998: Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka      Relapse

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