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Kings Of Metal MMXIV - Manowar

Kings Of Metal MMXIV


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Interpret: Manowar
Album-Titel: Kings Of Metal MMXIV
Tracks: 19
Label: Magic Circle
Vertrieb: Alive
Erstveröffentlichung: 21.03.2014
  1. Blood Of The Kings (MMXIV)
  2. Hail And Kill (MMXIV)
  3. Heart Of Steel (MMXIV)
  4. Kingdom Come (MMXIV)
  5. Kings Of Metal (MMXIV)
  6. Sting Of The Bumblebee (MMXIV)
  7. The Crown And The Ring (MMXIV) (Orchestral Version)
  8. The Warrior's Prayer (MMXIV)
  9. Wheels Of Fire (MMXIV)
10. Heart Of Steel (MMXIV) (Guitar Instrumental) (Bonus Track)
11. The Crown And The Ring (MMXIV) (Metal Version) (Bonus Track)
12. Blood Of The Kings (MMXIV) (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)
13. Hail And Kill (MMXIV) (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)
14. Heart Of Steel (MMXIV) (Acoustic Intro) (Bonus Track)
15. Heart Of Steel (MMXIV) (Orchestral Intro) (Bonus Track)
16. Heart Of Steel (MMXIV) (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)
17. Kingdom Come (MMXIV) (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)
18. Kings Of Metal (MMXIV) (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)
19. Wheels Of Fire (MMXIV) (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)
Manowar - Discographie:
2014: Kings Of Metal MMXIV      Magic Circle
2012: The Lord Of Steel      Magic Circle
2010: Battle Hymns MMXI      Magic Circle
2007: Gods Of War      Magic Circle
2002: Warriors Of The World      Nuclear Blast
1996: Louder Than Hell      Geffen
1992: The Triumph Of Steel      Atlantic
1988: Kings Of Metal      Atlantic
1987: Fighting The World      Atlantic
1984: Sign Of The Hammer      Ten
1984: Hail To England      Megaforce
1983: Into Glory Ride      Geffen
1982: Battle Hymns      Liberty
Greatest Hits-Alben/Compilations:
1994: The Hell Of Steel      Atlantic

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