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Love Unlimited
Under The Influence Of

Under The Influence Of - Love Unlimited



Interpret: Love Unlimited
Album-Titel: Under The Influence Of
Tracks: 8
Label: 20th Century
Erstveröffentlichung: 01.06.1973
  1. Love's Theme (Instrumental)
  2. Under The Influence Of Love
  3. Lovin' You, That's All I'm After
  4. Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It
  5. Say It Again
  6. Someone Really Cares For You
  7. It May Be Winter Outside (But in My Heart It's Spring)
  8. Yes, We Finally Made It
Love Unlimited - Discographie:
1979: Love Is Back      
1977: He's All I've Got      Unlimited Gold
1974: In Heat      20th Century
1974: Together Brothers (Soundtrack) - Love Unlimited + Barry White + Love Unlimited Orchestra      20th Century
1973: Under The Influence Of      20th Century
1972: From A Girl's Point Of View We Give To You... Love Unlimited      20th Century

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