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Who The X Is Gompie! - Gompie

Who The X Is Gompie!


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Interpret: Gompie
Album-Titel: Who The X Is Gompie!
Tracks: 11
Label: Ariola
Vertrieb: BMG Ariola
Erstveröffentlichung: 20.11.1995
  1. Alice (Who The X Is Alice) (Living Next Door To Alice)
  2. I Will Survive
  3. Life You Never Saw My Wife (Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life)
  4. Everbody Needs My Body (Everybody Needs Somebody To Love)
  5. Yes I'm Ready
  6. Voules-vous coucher avec moi ce soir
  7. Phoney Love
  8. King Knut's Can Can
  9. Black Money (Black Kisses Never Make You Blue)
10. Who The X Is Gompie
11. Tarzan And Heidi
Gompie - Discographie:
1995: Who The X Is Gompie!      Ariola

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