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Absolute Garbage - Garbage
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Absolute Garbage


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Interpret: Garbage
Album-Titel: Absolute Garbage
Tracks: 31
Label: WEA
Vertrieb: Warner
Erstveröffentlichung: 27.07.2007
  1. Vow
  2. Queer
  3. Only Happy When It Rains
  4. Stupid Girl
  5. Milk
  6. #1 Crush
  7. Push It
  8. I Think I'm Paranoid
  9. Special
10. When I Grow Up
11. You Look So Fine
12. The World Is Not Enough
13. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)
14. Shut Your Mouth
15. Why Do You Love Me (Clean Version)
16. Bleed Like Me
17. Tell Me Where It Hurts (Album Version Guitars Up)
18. It's All Over But The Crying (Greatest Hits Mix 07)
19. The World Is Not Enough (Unkle Remix) (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)
20. When I Grow Up [Kags Kooner Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)
21. Special [Brothers In Rhythm] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)
22. Breaking Up The Girl [Timo Mass Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)
23. Milk [Massive Attack Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)
24. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) [Roger Sanchez Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)
25. Androgyny [Felix Da Housecat Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)
26. Queer [Rabbit In The Moon Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)
27. I Think I'm Paranoid [Crystal Method mix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)
28. Stupid Girl [Todd Terry Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)
29. You Look So Fine [Fun Lovin' Criminals Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)
30. Push It [Boom Boom Satellites mix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)
31. Bad Boyfriend (Sting Like A Bee Remix) (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)
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