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Deep Purple
BBC Sessions 1968 - 1970

BBC Sessions 1968 - 1970 - Deep Purple
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Interpret: Deep Purple
Album-Titel: BBC Sessions 1968 - 1970
Tracks: 27
Label: EMI
Erstveröffentlichung: 04.11.2011
  1. Hush (Version One) [BBC Top Gear Session]
  2. One More Rainy Day (BBC Top Gear Session)
  3. Help (BBC Top Gear Session)
  4. And The Address (BBC Dave Symonds Show Session)
  5. Hey Bop A Re Bop (BBC Top Gear Session)
  6. Emmaretta (BBC Top Gear Session)
  7. Wring That Neck (BBC Top Gear Session)
  8. Brian Matthew Interviews Rod Evans (BBC Top Gear Session)
  9. Hey Joe (BBC Top Gear Session)
10. It's All Over (BBC Top Gear Session)
11. The Painter (Version One) [BBC Sounds Like Tony Brandon Show Session]
12. Lalena (BBC Sounds Like Tony Brandon Show Session)
13. The Painter (Version Two) [BBC Chris Grant's Tasty Pop Sundae Session]
14. I'm So Glad (BBC Chris Grant's Tasty Pop Sundae Session)
15. Hush (Version Four) [BBC Chris Grant's Tasty Pop Sundae Session]
16. Ricochet (BBC Symonds On Sunday Show Session)
17. The Bird Has Flown (BBC Symonds On Sunday Show Session)
18. Speed King (BBC Stuart Henry Noise At Nine Session)
19. Jam Stew (aka John Stew) [BBC Stuart Henry Noise At Nine Session]
20. Hard Lovin' Man (BBC Mike Harding's Sounds Of The Seventies Session)
21. Bloodsucker (BBC Mike Harding's Sounds Of The Seventies Session)
22. Living Wreck (Version Two) [BBC Mike Harding's Sounds Of The Seventies Session]
23. Jon Lord Interview (BBC Transcription Services Session)
24. Black Night (BBC Transcription Services Session)
25. Grabsplatter (BBC Transcription Services Session)
26. Into The Fire (BBC Transcription Services Session)
27. Child In Time (BBC Transcription Services Session)
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