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Live It Like You Love It - Charlatans

Live It Like You Love It


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Interpret: Charlatans
Album-Titel: Live It Like You Love It
Tracks: 14
Label: MCA
Vertrieb: Universal
Erstveröffentlichung: 23.07.2002
  1. Love Is The Key (live)
  2. Judas (live)
  3. Tellin' Stories (live)
  4. A Man Needs To Be Told (live)
  5. One To Another (live)
  6. The Only One I Know (live)
  7. Impossible (live)
  8. North Country Boy (live)
  9. You're So Pretty We're So Pretty (live)
10. Weirdo (live)
11. How High (live)
12. Forever (live)
13. And If I Fall (live)
14. Sproston Green (live)
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