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Road Tested - Bonnie Raitt

Road Tested


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Interpret: Bonnie Raitt
Album-Titel: Road Tested
Tracks: 22
Label: Capitol
Vertrieb: EMI
  1. Thing Called Love (live)
  2. Three Time Loser (live)
  3. Love Letter (live)
  4. Never Make Your Move Too Soon (live)
  5. Something To Talk About (live)
  6. Matters Of The Heart (live)
  7. Shake A Little (live)
  8. Have A Heart (live)
  9. Love Me Like A Man (live)
10. The Kokomo Medley (live)
11. Louise (live)
12. Dimming Of The Day (live)
13. Longing In Their Hearts (live)
14. Come To Me (live)
15. Love Sneakin' Up On You (live)
16. Burning Down The House (live)
17. I Can't Make You Love Me (live)
18. Feeling Of Falling (live)
19. I Believe I'm In Love With You (live)
20. Rock Steady (live)
21. My Opening Farewell (live)
22. Angel From Montgomery (live)
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