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A Special Night Out - BlutEngel

A Special Night Out


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Interpret: BlutEngel
Album-Titel: A Special Night Out
Tracks: 16
Label: Out Of Line
Vertrieb: Rough Trade
Erstveröffentlichung: 08.12.2017
  1. Krieger (Acoustic) (live)
  2. Behind The Mirror (Acoustic) (live)
  3. Black (Acoustic) (live)
  4. Sing (Acoustic) (live)
  5. Give Me (Acoustic) (live)
  6. Wasting The Years (Acoustic) (live)
  7. Save Us (Acoustic) (live)
  8. Der Regen fällt (Acoustic) (live)
  9. Lebe deinen Traum (Acoustic) (live)
10. Complete (Acoustic) (live)
11. Time (Acoustic) (live)
12. Wir sind, was wir sind (Acoustic) (live)
13. Scars (Acoustic) (live)
14. Der Himmel brennt (Acoustic) (live)
15. You Walk Away (Acoustic) (live)
16. Reich mir die Hand (Acoustic) (live)
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