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Amon Amarth
The Pursuit Of Vikings

The Pursuit Of Vikings - Amon Amarth


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Interpret: Amon Amarth
Album-Titel: The Pursuit Of Vikings
Tracks: 30
Label: Metal Blade
Vertrieb: Sony
Erstveröffentlichung: 16.11.2018
  1. The Pursuit Of Vikings (live)
  2. As Loke Falls (live)
  3. First Kill (live)
  4. The Way Of Vikings (live)
  5. At Dawn's First Light (live)
  6. Cry Of The Blackbirds (live)
  7. Deceiver Of The Gods (live)
  8. Destroyer Of The Universe (live)
  9. Death In Fire (live)
10. Father Of The Wolf (live)
11. Runes To My Memory (live)
12. War Of The Gods (live)
13. Raise Your Horns (live)
14. A Dream That Cannot Be (live)
15. Guardians Of Asgaard (live)
16. Twilight Of The Thunder God (live)
17. Twilight Of The Thunder God (live)
18. Free Will Sacrifice (live)
19. With Oden On Our Side (live)
20. The Last With The Pagan Blood (live)
21. For The Stabwounds In Our Backs (live)
22. Thousand Years Of Oppression (live)
23. Gods Of War Arise (live)
24. Versus The World (live)
25. Asator (live)
26. Under The Northern Star (live)
27. Fate Of Norns (live)
28. Varyags Of Miklagaard (live)
29. Live For The Kill (live)
30. Victorious March (live)
Amon Amarth - Discographie:
2022: The Great Heathen Army      Metal Blade
2019: Berserker      Columbia D
2016: Jomsviking      Columbia D
2013: Deceiver Of The Gods      Metal Blade
2011: Surtur Rising      Metal Blade
2008: Twilight Of The Thunder God      Metal Blade
2006: With Oden On Our Side      Metal Blade
2004: Fate Of Norns      Metal Blade
2002: Versus The World      Metal Blade
2001: The Crusher      Metal Blade
1999: The Avenger      Metal Blade
1997: Once Sent From The Golden Hall      Metal Blade
2018: The Pursuit Of Vikings      Metal Blade

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