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Ärzte  (Discographie)Wir wollen nur deine Seele - ÄrzteWir wollen nur deine Seele  (Album)1999

Ärzte  (Discographie)Runter mit den Spendierhosen, Unsichtbarer! - ÄrzteRunter mit den Spendierhosen, Unsichtbarer!  (Album)2000

Ärzte  (Discographie)RockRock'n' Roll Realschule  (Album)2002

Ärzte  (Discographie)Geräusch - ÄrzteGeräusch  (Album)2003

Ärzte  (Discographie)Bäst Of - ÄrzteBäst Of  (Album)2006

Ärzte  (Discographie)Jazz ist anders - ÄrzteJazz ist anders  (Album)2007

Aesop Rock  (Discographie)The Impossible Kid - Aesop RockThe Impossible Kid  (Album)2016

Aeternam  (Discographie)Deciples Of The Unseen - AeternamDeciples Of The Unseen  (Album)2010

Aeverium  (Discographie)Break Out - AeveriumBreak Out  (Album)2015

Affector  (Discographie)Harmagedon - AffectorHarmagedon  (Album)2012

Afghan Whigs  (Discographie)Do To The Beast - Afghan WhigsDo To The Beast  (Album)2014

AFI  (Discographie)Answer That And Stay Fashionable - AFIAnswer That And Stay Fashionable  (Album)1995

AFI  (Discographie)Very Proud Of Ya - AFIVery Proud Of Ya  (Album)1996

AFI  (Discographie)Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes - AFIShut Your Mouth And Open Your Eyes  (Album)1997

AFI  (Discographie)Black Sails In The Sunset - AFIBlack Sails In The Sunset  (Album)1999

AFI  (Discographie)The Art Of Drowning - AFIThe Art Of Drowning  (Album)2000

AFI  (Discographie)Sing The Sorrow - AFISing The Sorrow  (Album)2003

AFI  (Discographie)Decemberunderground - AFIDecemberunderground  (Album)2006

AFI  (Discographie)Crash Love - AFICrash Love  (Album)2009

AFI  (Discographie)Burials - AFIBurials  (Album)2013

AFI  (Discographie)The Blood Album - AFIThe Blood Album  (Album)2017

Afrob  (Discographie)Rolle mit Hip Hop - AfrobRolle mit Hip Hop  (Album)1999

Afrob  (Discographie)Made In Germany - AfrobMade In Germany  (Album)2001

Afrob  (Discographie)Hammer - AfrobHammer  (Album)2005

Afrob  (Discographie)Der letzte seiner Art - AfrobDer letzte seiner Art  (Album)2009

Afrob  (Discographie)Push - AfrobPush  (Album)2014

Afrob  (Discographie)Mutterschiff - AfrobMutterschiff  (Album)2016

Afrojack  (Discographie)Forget The World - AfrojackForget The World  (Album)2014

After The Burial  (Discographie)Dig Deep - After The BurialDig Deep  (Album)2016

Against Me!  (Discographie)Against Me! Is Reinventing Axl Rose - Against Me!Against Me! Is Reinventing Axl Rose  (Album)2002

Against Me!  (Discographie)Against Me! As The Eternal Cowboy - Against Me!Against Me! As The Eternal Cowboy  (Album)2003

Against Me!  (Discographie)Searching For A Former Clarity - Against Me!Searching For A Former Clarity  (Album)2005

Against Me!  (Discographie)New Wave - Against Me!New Wave  (Album)2007

Against Me!  (Discographie)White Crosses - Against Me!White Crosses  (Album)2010

Against Me!  (Discographie)Transgender Dysphoria Blues - Against Me!Transgender Dysphoria Blues  (Album)2014

Against Me!  (Discographie)23 Live Sex Acts - Against Me!23 Live Sex Acts  (Album)2015

Against Me!  (Discographie)Shape Shift With Me - Against Me!Shape Shift With Me  (Album)2016

Against The Current  (Discographie)In Our Bones - Against The CurrentIn Our Bones  (Album)2016

Agalloch  (Discographie)The Serpent And The Sphere - AgallochThe Serpent And The Sphere  (Album)2014

Agathodaimon  (Discographie)In Darkness - AgathodaimonIn Darkness  (Album)2013

Agent Fresco  (Discographie)A Long Time Listening - Agent FrescoA Long Time Listening  (Album)2010

Agent Fresco  (Discographie)Destrier - Agent FrescoDestrier  (Album)2015

Agnes  (Discographie)Agnes - AgnesAgnes  (Album)2005

Agnes  (Discographie)Stronger - AgnesStronger  (Album)2006

Agnes  (Discographie)Dance Love Pop - AgnesDance Love Pop  (Album)2008

Agnetha + Christian  (Discographie)Kom följ med i var karusell - Agnetha + ChristianKom följ med i var karusell  (Album)1987

Agnetha + Linda  (Discographie)Nu tändas tusen juleljus - Agnetha + LindaNu tändas tusen juleljus  (Album)1981

Agnostic Front  (Discographie)Victim In Pain - Agnostic FrontVictim In Pain  (Album)1984

Agnostic Front  (Discographie)Cause For Alarm - Agnostic FrontCause For Alarm  (Album)1986

Agnostic Front  (Discographie)Liberty And Justice For... - Agnostic FrontLiberty And Justice For...  (Album)1987


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